Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Gyah, do I miss draping. I miss just about anything that has to do with time-intensive aspects of design and construction. I was going through the ridiculous number of pictures on my phone, and found these old beauties.

This is one inch wide bias strips draped over one another, alternating between the right and the left. Hours of work. Hours. But such a beautiful effect when it was finished. This gown would up being one of the most beautiful in the collection for Anne Bowen, named JFK Rosas. I still adore it to this day.

Bias-cut silk organza (2-3 layers) at the top of the bodice, draped in a criss-cross pattern again. This one was just having fun to see how it would look.

The following two are with the same pieces of organza, but with the bias length of fabric at the waist instead of at the top of the bust.

I love the flowery nature of this drape.

This one looks like it should have continued up and into a flowing length of organza or chiffon coming from the shoulder.

You've gotta love bias grain for making fabric work in amazing ways without needing much in the way of seaming!

And for the extent of what can be done with draping, take a look at the finale piece from my graduate collection at university:

I'm looking forward to Christmas being the time when I get to do some work of my own in design - details soon to come!

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